bacardi promo no. 1: the samurai

This is a crucial watch for anyone interested in the artistry of cocktail making.  Bacardi is doing a series of video promotions, a trio of them in fact, for their rum (of course).  But what they’re also doing is showing off the certain techniques and skills that some of the best bartenders in the world possess.  It’s this second fact that makes this video so gripping.  Viewing this could be likened to watching a master painter create a piece of art, granted cocktails take a much shorter amount of time to create, and there is certainly a difference in degree of difficulty between a novice and a professional in each respective art form–as well as a certain raw talent– yet there is still a level of aptitude and exactness required in being the best at anything, and ,as many will attest, food and drink are two of the finest pleasures a man may know.

If you’d like more information on the what, the why, the wherefore and such just head over to A Dash of Bitters where I found the video.  It’s a good site if you’re interested in cocktails and associated things, so snoop around there if that sounds like it’s up your alley.

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